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We’ve done all the work to make it as simple as possible and we are the only company in Australia that allows you to receive estimates in REAL TIME for independent removalist services – no waiting for us to get back to you! We have a sophisticated real time pricing and scheduling engine which shows you which removalists are available in your area and have spare capacity at the time and day that you’ve selected – it’s that simple.

All you have to do is fill out our simple online form - no personal details needed! We'll then give you a comprehensive estimate from a diverse range of removalists. You decide based on the estimated price, company information and past reviews. And the reviews.. they are real! Only verified past purchasers can post reviews – just like eBay or Uber – so no pages of fake 5 star reviews to skim over.


No. The price is an estimate, not a fixed price quote. It is based on "typical" conditions - i.e. no stairs and the removalist truck parked directly outside the load and unload location. It also assumes that your belongings are ready to be transported - beds dismantled, and all non-furniture items placed in sturdy boxes.

When you make a booking through Removalist Seeker, you are purchasing the services of a particular removalist - and specifically, a truck of a certain size with a certain number of removalists  who will move your items between the designated postcodes. If you are unsatisfied with the speed or quality of the removalists, please raise it directly with them on the day (if feasible). Our removalists all want to get a 5 star rating to maximise their future work opportunities. When you are leaving feedback, please be fair and reasonable.

Whilst the price is indicative and based on the information provided, removalists will seek to undertake the work for the price estimated where feasible. Please note however that many factors can impact the price including the presence of stairs, the distance between the truck parking spot and the front door of either the load or unload location and traffic level on the day. Most commonly, the price will be higher than estimated if the removalists are asked to move more items than initially quoted.

If more hours of work are required, additional hours will be charged at the same rate, in 15 minute blocks.

To book a removalist you pay a deposit online through our secure online payment channel, SecurePay, that is run by Australia Post. We never see your credit card details and they are not stored on our server. We also accept payment via PayPal if you prefer.

On the day, you pay your removalist the remainder. Different removalists accept different means of payment – it is stated on the supplier information page. Please note that many removalists do not carry mobile EFTPOS terminals and will require payment in cash.

Yes, if your order status is “pending”, you can cancel your order by sending us an email with your order reference number.

Once your booking has been confirmed, you can still cancel at no cost if there is more than 48 hours until your move start time. If you cancel within 48 hours of your move, your deposit will be forfeited. To cancel a confirmed booking, please email us with your order reference number and phone the removalist directly.

Yes, if your order status is “pending”, you can reschedule your booking by sending us an email with your order reference number and your new moving time/ date. If your order status is “confirmed”, your booking can be rescheduled at the discretion of your removalist – please contact them directly. If they cannot reschedule you please contact us and we can facilitate a new removalist for you. Please note if you reschedule within 48 hours of your scheduled move time, your deposit will be forfeited.

Moving houses can be a stressful time. One of the many decisions you will have to make is “Which removalist should I use?”

Unless you have a good word of mouth referral, it can be difficult to know who to go with. And even you do – is the removalist you’ve been recommend priced competitively, and are they available?

You can call around. If you call a larger removalist they will have a dedicated receptionist who can answer your questions. But it’s hard to get a feel for the actual removalists you will get on the day. Are they employees or contractors? You never really know who you are going to get.

If you call independent removalists who work for themselves - and are often better priced - their “office phone” is a mobile in their back pocket.  They may not answer their phone, and if they do, they often won’t have the time to go through their pricing structure or availability with you.

And the pricing.. some quote by the half an hour, some by the hour, some don’t have a call out fee, some do, some charge extra for Saturdays etc. All this makes it difficult to get an accurate sense of what’s on offer out there – after all, you probably just want a well priced removalist with a good attitude who won’t damage your belongings.

So it’s that uncertainty that Removalist Seeker helps with. We offer real time estimates for removalist services through our pricing and scheduling engine – and we’re the only ones in Australia. Crucially, we provide a moderated service where users can research Removalists and read verified reviews – and only from other users who have booked and paid for their services, not just sham 5 star reviews!

By placing an order through us, you are still choosing a third party removalist. But there a few good reasons why you should book through us:

  • You can give the removalist verified feedback – just like Uber or eBay. This mean it’s in their commercial interests to make sure they do the right thing by you. We work with our removalists to improve their customer service, and decommission removalists who receive poor feedback.
  • We provide a dispute resolution service should you have an unsatisfactory experience with your removalist.

Our aim is for you to be able to compare prices with confidence – apples with apples – and know the removalist you pick is ethical and will meet your expectations.

You don’t pay extra – in fact you often pay less. Many of our Removalists don’t have a sophisticated web presence or even staff to answer the phone – they typically work themselves. Our Website has a built in capacity management system which allows small independent removalists to get work when they have capacity without having to invest in their own administrative staff and marketing expenditure. These savings are passed along. For our large removalists they often use Removalist Seeker to fill latent capacity on their books and price attractively to fill that capacity.

As a rough guide:

  • XS - suitable for moving a bedroom in share house, or a lightly furnished studio.
  • S - suitable for a 1 bedroom apartment
  • M – suitable for a 2-3 bedroom apartment or a small house.
  • L - for everything else.

It is also worth considering access issues though generally none of these vehicles will fit into an apartment garage - note the XS are typically maxi vans with high clearances, not ‘regular vans’. Your Removalist can provide further guidance.

As a rough guide:

  • Moving a bedroom in share house, or a lightly furnished studio – 1.5 hours + travel time
  • Moving a 1 bedroom apartment – 2.5 hours + travel time
  • 2-3 bedroom apartment or a small house – 3.5 hours + travel time
  • Large house – upwards of 5 hours + travel time

When your removalist calls to confirm your booking, please discuss your needs with them – they will be able to give you a more accurate estimate. If your job goes over time, your removalists will only charge you at their stated hourly rate.

The estimated above times are assuming of course that you’ve packed everything up! Note using large, uniform boxes designed for moving makes it quicker for your removalists – saving you $! These boxes are available online as well as from self-storage companies.

All our removalists are required to have a registered ABN and public liability insurance. Your removalist can supply their public liability insurance certificate on request should you require it.