5 Simple Tips on Packing Well for Your Next Move

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5 Simple Tips on Packing Well for Your Next Move

Though moving should be a time for celebration, a fresh start in a new home, for many it can be an utter nightmare! It’s little wonder then that moving homes is claimed to be one of the most stressful of events in a person’s life, next to that of the death of a loved one and divorce. While uprooting and relocating to a new home may never be entirely stress-free, here are five simple tips which you can utilise to ensure that you make the process run a lot smoother.

1. Plan Ahead

First things first – plan your move as meticulously as you can, considering all possible scenarios and factors. You’ll most likely know of your moving date some weeks or even months ahead of time. So, take this time to plan not just the moving day itself, but the weeks leading up to it.

At this stage you can make plentiful lists and include:

  • What needs to be packaged and how
  • Where you’re going to get your packing materials from
  • When to start packing
  • What rooms can be started on first
  • What will need to be left until the very last minute
  • How you’ll be moving on the day
  • Who’ll be helping you out


Create a detailed time management plan, working to set dates and times all the way through, right up until your actual moving date. This way, not only can you spread the process out but, when it comes to the actual day of moving, if you’ve followed your list, the process itself should also be a lot quicker as a result!


2. Select a Reputable Moving Company

Some people see those big removal trucks pulling up and think they’ll never need one of them, instead making do with their car or a man with a van. They then realize the enormity of the situation when it’s too late as they spend the next couple of days undertaking countless trips, driving back and forth to finish the job off!

The best removalists can help you get your move done within just one day. Better still, they can be booked in advance, so that’s one more thing to tick off your above lists!

It’s highly recommended that you do your homework here and select a reputable company. After all, if you’ve planned your move in detail so far, the last thing you’ll want is to run into any problems on the day itself.

When looking for expert moving companies, consider the following:

  • Are they fully trained?
  • What type of services can they offer you?
  • What are their prices and payment agreements?
  • Are they covered by the appropriate insurance?
  • What is their general customer feedback like?


Removalist Seeker can help you find the right removalist with our vetted, quality assured removalists. Remember, if you want your possessions to end up safe, secure, and intact at the other end, employ the people you know who will make this happen.


3. Declutter

We’ve written about the importance of decluttering before. Though the last thing at this stage you may feel like doing is a declutter, now may be the best time to finally get rid of that rubbish or those items you’ve accumulated but no longer have any need for.

When people move homes, they usually encounter a stark realisation of the amount of stuff accumulated, with some of it having never been used and some of it they never even knew they had!

Take this time to think about whether you want to take all your items to your new home:

  • Go through each item and be truthful of when the last time you used it was, separating them into designated piles.
  • Ask yourself whether they will be needed or even used at your new home.
  • Clear a space for all unwanted stuff –out of sight and mind!
  • Hold an impromptu garage sale for these items, place them on a quick online selling platform, or donate them to those in need.
  • For everything else leftover, get rid of it immediately at the local waste


By not having so much unnecessary stuff to move with, you’ll lighten the load both physically and mentally when it comes to moving day!


4. Label, Label, Label…

Labelling your items up as soon as you plan to start moving is essential and can save many a headache later down the line!

Some people think that labels are only necessary to inform the removal company of those more fragile of items when loading and unloading. Yet, get this bit right, and you’ll be glad when you get to the other end and can lay your hands on that kettle with ease!

  • Choose one colour label for you and other household members and detail exactly what’s in each box, who the items belong to, and what room it’s from.
  • Choose another colour label for the removal team as to where to place the boxes, making this simple, but noting if there are items that need to be handled with a bit more care.
  • Additionally, select a different label type for all those items you’re planning on discarding or considering getting rid of. This will ensure no mistakes are made, and the right things are removed!


5. Create a Moving Day Schedule

As well as planning the run up to your moving day, consider writing up a schedule for the actual day itself. With so much to do on moving day, it can often feel like one of the quickest days of the year!

Once you’ve got your items all sorted and you know what’s going where, as well as your removal company’s timetable, continue with your planning and chart this day as much as you practically can:

  • Make an early start
  • Get all-hands-on-deck and ensure everyone knows the beginning and end time
  • Prioritise the jobs to be done
  • Allocate each member a task
  • Schedule in re-fuelling breaks to keep you going and stick to them
  • Be realistic
  • Plan an alternative course of action should something unexpected happen
  • Inject a bit of humour into the day!


Finally, it’s worth remembering at this stage that if you’ve planned accordingly and done everything which you can do ahead of time, you’ve instantly ensured the day will run better than one without any planning at all.

Moving is a rare event that fortunately doesn’t happen often – so bear in mind that in a few weeks all this will be forgotten, and you’ll be settled in your new home, with moving day a distance memory!

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