5 Tips to Make Moving a Breeze!

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    Moving can be stressful! But don’t make it harder for yourself than it needs to be – with a bit of planning it’ll be over before you know it.

    1. Before you start packing up your stuff, declutter
    Nothing is worse than arriving at your new place with all the junk from the last! It will be overwhelming and frankly is silly. The trick is to make a point of decluttering before you start packing up your stuff. If you try and do it at the same time, you’ll lose motivation, it’ll become too hard and you’ll end up just putting everything into boxes – telling yourself, you’ll sort it out when you’re unpacking! But now you’ve just spent money moving all that unwanted stuff!

    2. Use proper boxes
    No, not the ones that the hardware store/ supermarket gives out for free that were meant to carry tins of soup/ 6 bottles of wine. Sure, they’re free – saving you dosh right? Wrong, it’s a false economy. Those boxes are typically small – meaning you’ll need lots of them, and it’ll take you longer to pack up all your things. They are also differently sized – so your removalist won’t be able to stack them neatly onto their trolley and carry them in lots down to the truck – and this is where spending $4 on a box will actually save you money. And finally if you have a few large boxes for each room, you can have the removalist put them in the right spot straight away in your new place. If you have 50 smaller boxes – well, they’re all going to end up in a pile in the living room. Just get proper boxes, trust us. And no, we don’t sell boxes.

    3. Move clothes and small electronics in your car
    Clothes can be moved without creasing (for the most) if you carry them en masse on their hangers and lay them down in the backseat of a car. Expensive electronics are best not left to removalists either.

    4. Run down your pantry, fridge and liquor supply
    This one’s easy to forget, but transporting frozen meat and veg in an esky is rarely worth it (read: never unless you’ve stashed some long forgotten kobe beef). So in the fortnight leading up to your move – run down your supplies. Now’s a great chance to make a stir fry out of that frozen rump steak and mixed vegetables. Same goes for your hodgepodge collection of beers and cleanskin wines – good thing you’re likely to be thirsty after all that decluttering and packing!

    5. If you live in an apartment with an elevator, tell strata you’re moving so they put up elevator curtains
    This can be a disaster if you forget as the elevator curtains are often locked away and not accessible by residents. And moving heavy things in and out of the elevator without the curtains is a recipe for damage – and an expensive repair bill as a parting gift.

    Happy moving! What are YOUR five tips for moving? Tell us below!

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