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Making Moving Simple

Removalist Seeker is a market leading platform for furniture removalists that allows consumers to compare over 150+ moving companies including several in The Tablelands. We want to make finding a mover easy – bringing together quality removalists and customers whilst casting a light on the unscrupulous operators out there.

Movers in The Tablelands You Can Trust

We have a range of local removalists in The Tablelands. Our range includes removalists with a:

  • Price to suit all budgets – from as affordable as $30 per half hour all the way to $90 per half hour.Who offer the right size vehicle
  • Range of vehicle sizes – ranging from vans to large trucks
  • Variety of additional services – including packing and storage services

How Do We Do It?

We have a complex pricing engine – we estimate prices based on over a dozen variables – and a scheduling engine that is linked to a database of removalists. We track the availability of our removalist in real time and our booking engine brings it all together.

That may all sound a little complex but what it means is that we are the only place in Australia that can offer real time quotes for a range of removalists. We also get verified reviews from customers – and only customers that have actually placed (and followed through) with a booking with one of our removalists.

Compare and Save with 5 Simple Questions

By answering 5 simple questions you will be shown price estimates for removalists who:

  • Service your area,
  • Who offer the right size vehicle
  • Who are actually available on the day & time you need

And we hate when removalists ask you for your phone number of email address before they give you a quote – so we don’t!

The five simple questions are:

  1. How many bedrooms?
    • How many bedrooms are in the home you are moving out of? This can vary from a room in a share house, to a studio apartment all the way to a large 5 bedroom house.
  2. For a home with that many rooms, do you have a lot of furniture?
    • We know this is a bit of a curly one! What we’re asking is – say you answered 2-bedroom apartment in question one – do you think compared to other people who have a 2 bedroom apartment, you have a “normal” amount of furniture?
    • And what’s normal? Well, once you make a selection, a pop up bubble will come up and show you approximately how much furniture we’re talking about as. It does not have to be exact, just approximately correct.
  3. Pick up postcode, drop off postcode
    • The postcode where the removalist should arrive to load up your furniture, and the postcode of where they will be unloading. It allows to get an accurate sense of the travel time & distance (we use Google Maps to calculate the expected travel time).
  4. Date
    • The move date. Hopefully this one is self-explanatory!
  5. Time
    • When would you like your removalist to arrive? We have 3 options. Early morning – which is approximately 730am, mid-morning which is approx. 10am and afternoon which is approx. 2pm.

Instant Booking Confirmation

And you can make a confirmed booking by placing a deposit and receiving an instant email confirmation. After you make your booking, your removalist will call you to discuss the finer details of your move.

On the day of your move, your removalist will arrive and undertake the move. On the day of your move, your removalist will arrive and undertake the move. The amount remaining (per your booking confirmation) should be paid to them directly using the payments mean they accept (also stated on the booking confirmation).

After Your Move

After the move, rate your removalist. Your feedback will be anonymised but will be visible to other customers. Your valuable feedback reward quality removalists and mean they will obtain more business from other customers.

Try Us – Compare and Save!

To get started, please go to our booking page. If you have more questions please look at How Removalist Seeker Works, our FAQs or give us a call on (02) 8880 9239.