Cheap Removalists in Sydney

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Cheap Removalists in Sydney

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at moving or this is perhaps your first time, most of us want to be able to spend as little money as possible on moving day, particularly when there are so many other strains on our finances during the whole moving process.
It, therefore, makes sense to divert your attention to finding that cheapest of removers which can not only get the job done in quick time but also at a budget rate. However, with so many individuals and firms claiming to be the best and cheapest on the market, you may be wondering exactly where to start your search.Whether you end up selecting a company from a comparison website or choose to search through the various advertisement sections on the web, why not take a few minutes to read through our helpful article before making your final decision?

Utilising Outside Sources to Find Removalist’s

If you want to search the market entirely for yourself, there are two main websites which people tend to use to do this.
Firstly, you can access the advertisement website Craigslist . This is a classified page whereby you can type in the word removalist, and within seconds a list of local adverts all in the Sydney area are at your disposal. Alternatively, you can also click on the main home page sections here including community, housing or services for further companies or individuals advertising under these more specific areas. Once you’ve found an advert to your liking, you can then click on it for immediate contact information.
Likewise, Gumtree is also a marketplace for all local advertisers, whether as individuals or companies, and you can access a wide range of adverts promoting removal services. This website perhaps allows for a little bit more in the way of specifics here:

  • Type in your location details
  • Add a note as to how far you’re willing to extend your search from this location
  • Press the search button for immediate responses


There are millions of advertisements placed on this website which are regularly updated, meaning you can work through your list, starring any that stand out and then click on each for a more in-depth review. Gumtree adverts usually offer a rating for each company advertised alongside some reviews from previous customers. The contact details are all displayed to the right of the screen allowing you to get in touch as soon as you’re ready to discuss your move.
If you’re looking at accessing any of the removalist services advertised on Gumtree, Craigslist, or indeed anywhere else like these sites, take the time beforehand to ask any questions at all that you feel will be beneficial to ensure the smooth process of your moving day. This can involve such issues as:

  • What rate do they work on – hourly or daily?
  • Can they offer a contract beforehand?
  • Are they insured both to move your items and to drive the van?
  • What is their provision for example of things don’t entirely run to plan on the day, or indeed if the move runs over?
  • Can they offer a quote, estimate, or actual cost?
  • Do they have the skills and equipment to deal with the more fragile of your possessions ?


Turning to the Removalist Specialists for Help

If you would prefer to utilise the specialists on your next Sydney move, you may want to select a website which can search the market for you. However, you may be thinking that this method is, unfortunately, a costlier way of checking out those removalists on the market. At Removalist Seeker, you can scan the market to find affordable removalists across Sydney by entering just a few simple pieces of information about your required move.
This is a comparison removalist website that can offer you those more reputable of removalist companies, whether you’re interested in a basic process from $60 an hour for a van, or whether you’re keen on accessing those removalist services from $80 an hour for a small truck and 2 men. This website just requests you to enter:

  • Your bedroom numbers
  • Your typical furniture amount
  • The pick-up postcode
  • The destination postcode
  • Your removal date 
  • Your removal time preference

If you would prefer to speak to someone in person as you’d like to have a discussion about the day itself and further options, you can also contact the company through a variety of other ways.


Ensure a Reputable Cheaper Removalist

Though it isn’t essential for any removalists to be verified as such, there are several questions that you could consider asking your intended removalist before exchanging any further details and most importantly before you part with any money. The removalist seeker site has a selection of articles on their blog all written to help you ensure you get the absolute best from your move, including that of how to spot the more reputable of removalists .
However, for additional peace of mind, it’s always worth remembering to check out the AFRA’s website for more detailed information and help. This is the Australian Furniture Removers Association who is a regulating board offering advice as to the guidelines the most reputable of removalists should be adhering to, ensuring customer satisfaction. If you aren’t too sure about the removalist you’ve chosen, you can get in touch with the AFRA and check out whether they are indeed registered with them.
Additionally, the AFRA offer their very own search option as well, whereby you can enter the type of removal you’re looking for, alongside your area and preferred distance, to access a selection of their registered member’s advertisements.
There’s no doubt that finding the best removalists at a lower price in the Sydney area is not impossible. All it requires is a little homework beforehand to ensure that however cheap you find your next move, you assure your removalists quality is of the highest standards.

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