Comparing Local Verified Removalist’s

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Comparing Local Verified Removalists

You’ve found your dream home and are in the paperwork process of making it yours. Now, with the hard part out of the way, thoughts turn to the moving day. Yet, what should be a relatively easy process is often made the more difficult for many people when they attempt to find a reputable removal firm to take care of their big move. With an influx of removalist’s on the market, adverts popping up all over social media, you could be forgiven for thinking this is the easier of processes! However, a worrying number of those claiming to be experienced and professional removalist’s are not the real deal – and the last thing you want to do is find this out on the day when you’ve handed your money over and are waiting to start your new chapter. 


1. Step One: Decide on Those Finer of Details

Though it may sound such a simple premise, when it comes to selecting your chosen removalist’s, make sure you only begin searching when you have a clear idea in mind of the actual day of removal. Here, it also pays to have a good idea in mind of how much stuff you’ll need to be looking at moving, including any specific types of furniture or items that you may need to discuss with your intended removalists in advance.

Make a note of the answers to five of the following basic but thoroughly practical questions before you begin your search:

  • What is the exact day you’re planning on moving? Is this the only date or is there room for maneuverer here?
  • How much time are you considering allocating to your moving day? Do you plan to make a move in one go, or do you think you’ll need recurring trips?
  • How far will you be traveling on moving day? This is particularly important if your new home is quite some distance from your current one and you intend to work to a schedule to ensure you arrive and unload at your new destination.
  • How much help will you need? Are you planning on making the move alone, with two of you, or have you drafted in more people to help? Therefore, do you require the assistance of your removalist’s, and will you be relying on them solely for help with it all? Most moving companies are fully prepped to aid and assist but make sure the one you’re looking at will do so, rather than just provide the transport.
  • Are there any household items that can’t be easily moved? Most homes will have at least one or two things that they will need to consider separately on moving day, whether it be pianos, family heirlooms, or pets. Can your moving company help with this?


2. Step Two: Start Investigating Your Choice of Moving Companies

Not that you’re armed with as much preliminary information as possible, you should find it a more straightforward process to begin looking for that best removalist. This is one who can accommodate your preferred date of removal, the type of removal you wish to undertake, the distance you’re going to need to travel, and all while working towards moving any items that need that extra care and attention.
However, the only way to manage this is to ensure that your chosen company is a quality assured specialist in the moving field:

  • Undertake a comparison: With the market saturated by removal companies, you may find the only way you can whittle down such a large selection is to undertake a comparison of each one.
    By using a comparison tool, you get to narrow down those removalist companies closer to your area – making sure you don’t waste time thinking you’ve found that best one only to be told they don’t serve your region! Look here for those comparison sites that can offer a wide range of instant quotes, preferably around the 200 plus mark, so you can be sure of getting a decent handful of quotes to consider.
  • Don’t be afraid to investigate companies and ask questions: Find out whom they’ve moved before and how well the customers themselves rated such experiences.
    This is great for those who can just go by word of mouth, but if you do undertake a comparison search online, you need to be able to read most of the intended companies real-time reviews.
    Thereby, such search sites should have a facility that encourages all actual customers to leave behind real reviews on their moving experience,therefore helping potential customers in the process.
  • Check out their credentials to ensure you only select quality assured companies: We highly recommend that any removing company you select is an AFRA member. By choosing those who are , you immediately ensure that you deal with only those with the correct training, equipment, vehicles, and staff, who will turn up to your home on moving day.
    Any such company should have no problems with displaying their credentials on their website or contact details, including their insurance certification, and it’s certainly with taking just a minute or two to verify such information before proceeding any further with them. If someone is claiming to be AFRA registered, it shouldn’t be a hassle accessing the confirmation to back this claim up.
  • Demand transparent pricing: Once again, if you’re selecting a quality assured removalist, there shouldn’t be any problems with them supplying you a quote for their intended services. Be aware of any company who will not reveal the price to you until moving day.
    Once you have offered the information provided in step one here, a comparison site should be able to instantly give you an actual price of what you will be expected to pay for such services, come the day itself.
    Furthermore, to confirm such details, you’ll be able to book online securely and swiftly and then receive written confirmation in the form of an email, with a phone call from your chosen moving company shortly afterward. This paperwork covers both you and the removal company and prevents any miscommunication or problems occurring on the day itself.


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