Dealing with Those Harder to Move Items When Moving Homes

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Dealing with Those Harder to Move Items When Moving Homes

Regardless of the size of your home and the amount of content inside it, when it comes to moving, you’ll no doubt have those specific items to take with you that are considered problematic. With such household items, you’ll need to devote extra attention when arranging for their removal. This applies to whether you’re planning on moving by yourself or moving with the help of a moving company.
The more difficult of items that need individual management when moving are usually those which can’t be easily packaged up into cardboard boxes. Neither can such items merely be carried with ease, or hand balled into a waiting car, van, or truck!
Before your actual moving day comes around, why not take a bit of time to walk around your current home and note what you think will be those harder of items to move. Then, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them when the day finally arrives! 


The Most Common Problematic Items on Moving Day Plan Ahead

If you have any of the following items in your home, these may have to be dealt with in an entirely different way than that of the rest of your household items:

Pianos: We’ve all seen the adverts and YouTube videos of those people, who’ve taken it upon themselves to tackle moving a piano of their own doing – and none of them end well! Considering that a piano will more than likely be a most prized possession, and an expensive one at that, you may need to check that your chosen removalists are equipped to cope with this task.
A piano is not only cumbersome, but its structure poses many challenges, with no room for maneuverer and easily damageable small parts inside. The last thing you want is to cause injury to your piano as you struggle to get it through hallways and doors, not to mention the possible damage you’ll leave behind in your wake.
It’s little wonder then that a vast majority of people opt for leaving these items behind when they move! Check that your chosen moving company can provide a specific piano moving service and consider leaving this removal up to the professionals!

Fragile Items and Heirlooms: Though some of these may be the smaller of items, those more delicate of household items such as artwork, glass, chinaware, grandfather clocks, and even some electronics all need to be dealt with individually when it comes to wrapping and preparing for moving day.
Though glass and china are not difficult to move per se, keeping them in one piece as you do so is what poses the more significant challenge here. This means that they need to be packaged correctly to protect them, be taken out of the home with care, placed in the removal truck in an area whereby nothing else can crush them, and then, finally, handled with care when you reach your destination!
The same method applies to those electronics that most households have in abundance these days. The larger flat screen TVs, computer monitors, and consoles also need packing correctly and then handled with extreme care when in transit and when at the other end. A good moving company will understand how to organise such items when loading them onto the removal truck to prevent shifting.
Artwork, sculptures, and heirlooms should all be individually considered before any moving activity takes place, as these may need unique requirements of their very own. This may seem time-consuming but if they’re of high monetary value, or indeed sentimental value, you’ll want an assurance that they’ll arrive at your new home in the exact condition as when they left your old one!

Pets: Though cats and dogs don’t pose too much of a moving problem, those animals which need to stay in their homes and enclosures when moving aren’t so straightforward, and you’ll need to check with your chosen removalists if they can offer adequate provision for such pets.
Fish tanks are probably most demanding here as fish must be placed in the appropriate containers for transport, while the tank itself needs to be drained fully. Most fish tanks are also incredibly awkward in construction regarding their weight and their glass finishing. As the more delicate of pets, moving fish, in general, is an extremely stressful process for them so it must be planned meticulously.
Similarly, if you have a terrarium and its inhabitants are amphibians, insects, or reptiles, the last thing you want on route is one of them to escape! Though their environment is perhaps easier to transport than that of fish, the possibilities of them breaking out during the move needs to be carefully considered before you begin.
If you have birds to take with you, they too will find this a stressful procedure, but this can be helped by knowledgeable and sympathetic removalists, as well as the use of a cover to shield them from the ongoing movement around them. You’ll also need to ensure their doors and cages are secure before, during, and after the move.

Heavy, Bulky and Awkward Household Items: Even if you don’t have any of the above harder to move items, you’ll no doubt have what are still considered the more awkward of household items to shift on moving day.
These include washing machines, deep chest freezers, gym equipment, and even built-in units, which you perhaps didn’t expect to be dismantling when you put them up to be the more permanent of household furniture!
The key here is to ensure beforehand that your moving company supplies the correct and appropriate moving equipment to handle such objects. The more reputable of moving companies will encourage you to prepare such items as these a few days ahead of the move, for example emptying, unplugging, and cleaning them out.


Utilise Your Chosen Removalists Support

If you’re undertaking your move with the help of a decent moving company, all these harder to move items should be well within their capability, and they will advise you as to what methods are best when it comes to their safe and secure removal.
For the most effective removal day, share any concerns with your chosen removalist of any items you believe may cause problems on the day – before you make the booking. That way, you can be assured of a less stressful day all-round when the time does come.


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