Requirements to Be a Removalist

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Requirements to Be a Removalist

When looking for the best removalist to help you make that journey from your old home to your new, you’ll want to be sure that you get the best possible one so that your moving day goes without a hitch. However, how do you know who is the best person for the job? With a saturated market alongside there being no formal qualifications required as such to perform this role, it’s little wonder some people are left confused as to where to turn. Fortunately, moving day doesn’t come around too often, so there’s usually plenty of time to start your search and get the best removalist that you can. If you’re about to embark on this exciting journey, why not look through the following helpful advice for help on where to begin?

What are the Necessary Requirements for Removalists?

Quite simply, there are no official requirements for anybody to set themselves up and call themselves a removalist. Though it may be hard to believe, this industry does not require a removalist to have licensing, because there isn’t any – neither does it require any mandatory certification!
That said, there is a general assumption that for a removalist company to be considered reputable, they will aim to adhere to specific unspoken guidelines such as:

  • Having current and relevant insurance – Public Liability insurance is highly recommended, and those reputable of removalists should be willing to supply this certificate on request.
  • Being adequately trained in this field – This role is not an easy one. This is a demanding job so your removalist will need to be both knowledgeable and physically fit to cope.
  • Having the right equipment required for a vast majority of moving purposes – Not all furniture can be hand-balled and those properties with stairs will require certain equipment to navigate such areas.
  • Possessing a good-sized truck – This should ideally be well maintained and looked after but above all safe and insured. The ability to offer a range of sizes and types of trucks may also appeal more.
  • Working from good premises – Not so important for some but it does help to know the company you’re dealing with has its own base.
  • Supplying trustworthy and dedicated staff – Additionally, they should also be effective communicators if the move is to run smoothly with both parties on the same page. This extends to their dedication to understanding that moving can be a stressful time for many and that their items should be handled with the utmost of respect.
  • Valuing competency – Most moves will throw up an arrangement of obstacles such as . A reputable firm should be able to handle these correctly, advising you ahead of time of the need for any specific arrangements.
  • Providing ongoing customer satisfaction – A reputable company should pride itself on solid customer satisfaction ratings.


Other than that, there is no official ruling that requires a removalist to offer its customers anything more, but that’s not to say that the more reputable of companies aren’t out there it’s merely a case of knowing where to look for them beforehand.


How Do You Find a Reputable Removalist?

This may leave you wondering how anybody manages to employ a decent removal company if it’s such an open playing field? This is where the  comes into play. The AFRA is an official body who will only accredit those removalists that they consider meeting the high standards and thresholds needed to undertake moving procedures.
Also, if you do find yourself having problems or require further information on those to avoid, the  has plentiful information, including additional help for those starting out and taking those first steps in looking at . Such sites as the AFRA and NSW are often the first point of call for many people who have never needed such services before or who are attempting to move for the first time and have no idea of where to start. However, these are just two out of many more credible websites which can help you at this stressful but exciting phase in your life.


Considering Expert Verified Removalists for Your Move

As well as the AFRA, it’s advisable to extend your search to those sites which are expertly designed to search the marketplace for you. One good place to start your search is at . This is a real-time search site whereby you answer a short section of questions and with the click of a button get to search through a possible 200 plus removal companies in your area, checking out their instant quotes in the process. Ultimately, the concept behind such a unique website is to ensure you find those good removalists, avoiding those not so good ones in the process, eventually making your move that little bit less stressful as you do.
However, one way to further discern how reputable your chosen removalist is in real time, is to search for those with the best real-time reviews, reading through as many verified reviews as you possibly can. Though word of mouth is a great feature here, for most people, it’s those online reviews that are what tend to sway many an opinion, and those opinions found in the many reviews of the removalists advertising on the current market are no different here.
A reputable removalist should have no problems with displaying their actual real-time reviews form paying customers, even those that don’t quite offer a perfect five stars each time. Here, it’s a good idea to get a general gist of what customers are talking about and referencing, including:

  • The removalists initial customer service
  • Their attendance and punctuality
  • The packing services offered
  • Their speed
  • Their efficiency
  • The pricing structures
  • Total completed costs – namely how close final bill was to the estimate given
  • Any problems occurred and overcame
  • Anything further to be aware of when using this removalist
  • The overall experience and final ratingrid of. This will ensure
  • Whether they would recommend them again 

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