Should You Move by Yourself or Call in the Experts?

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Should You Move by Yourself or Call in the Experts?

When it comes to moving homes, you generally have two choices. The first is to tackle it by yourself, without the aid of any professional removalists, perhaps getting family, friends, or others involved along the way. The second option available is to move with the help of a moving company, utilising their services, from transport through to physical labour.
With so many of us looking to reduce costs wherever possible in everyday life, when it comes to moving day, we want to ensure that we can do it as cheaply as possible! After all, with rising house prices and additional fees involved in the whole process, the last thing we want at this stage is to incur any other expenses.
However, for most of us, moving days aren’t a regular occurrence, and with the stresses and strains that it entails, more people are turning to the experts and professionals to ensure this day is done as smoothly and swiftly as possible.
If you find yourself having to decide on whether you should go it alone on your moving day or get it done with the help of a moving company, here are some suggestions that can help you make that best decision for your individual needs.

What the Removalists Can Do for You

People aren’t always entirely clear about the services that a moving company can offer in full. Many believe they just turn up with a van and then leave you to your own devices! While having the use of a removal truck is indeed a significant aspect of choosing a removalist company, this is just one feature of what a reputable firm can provide.
Why not take some time to perform a removalist comparison online and get a better idea of the exact services each one can offer you? Ultimately, the best ones should offer services such as:

  • Providing an appropriately sized vehicle
  • Driving you to your new home
  • Offering packing services
  • Making available packaging materials such as essential boxes, packaging tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and moving covers or blankets, as required
  • Dissembling and assembling your contents
  • Also, some will offer extra options such as cleanups, handy services, specialist removals, administrative services, and storage facilities.
  • Being fully insured to undertake such work


Most crucially, your intended removalist should be able to provide a service which is unique to your needs. Therefore, it’s suggested you search through several companies to get an idea of what costs you should be looking at and what services you can request from each.


What Self-Moving Allows You to Do

Going it alone and choosing to move by yourself is often a popular choice for those who really can’t afford to spend out anymore on their moving plans. It’s also considered the better option if your move is a rather small one and you really don’t need the services of an additional truck or those extra pairs of hands.

If you’re keen to take this route, make sure you plan appropriately in advance as much as you can, ensuring you’re adequately covered when it gets to the moving day itself:

  • Consider hiring a rental truck by the hour
  • Ensure the person driving is qualified and insured to do so 
  • Always keep a tracking list of your contents with you and work from this when you move out and then move into your new place
  • Consider asking for some help from friends or family members, offering snacks and refreshments in return


What to Consider Before Making Your Final Decision

If you’re at the stage now where you still can’t quite decide on whether self-moving or utilising a moving company is best for your needs, try drawing up a quick list based on the following information beforehand:

What size home are you moving from and to? If you’re a family, you’ll no doubt have a larger home. If your destination home is larger, you’ll more than likely need a large truck to accommodate all of this. However, if your move is a first-time move, you won’t have too much stuff to contemplate, especially if you’re planning to buy new once settled. Think of your day regarding the place you’re moving to as most important. Is it a smaller scale, that is a shared room, an apartment or small studio, or is it on a larger scale, for example, that of a bigger house?

What type of stuff do you have to move? Most of the items people move homes with include domestic appliances, beds, sofas, and so on. These in themselves can be bulky and awkward and very hard to fit into a standard car. So, bear this in mind when going it alone. Additionally, if you know you’ll have specific items which will need that extra care, such as fragile objects and heirlooms, you’ll want to ensure these are protected throughout the entire move.

How many trips do you plan on taking? Often the deal breaker for some as to whether self-moving or employing a moving company is best is whether you’re planning on making moving day precisely that; one day! You may need to ensure that if you self-move, you can get it done in such a short timescale.

What is the traveling distance between your homes? Additionally, if your new accommodation is based much further away than the home you’re moving out of, it makes more sense to ensure you get the travelling done in one entire go. Take this into account carefully before making that final decision.

How much help do you have at both ends? Sometimes people plan for all-hands-on-deck when packing up their transport to move- but then fail to realise that once they’ve reached the other side, they’ll still need the addition of helpers to unload their stuff! 



Final Thoughts on Self Moving Verses Moving with the Specialists

We suggest making a removalist comparison before you make any final decisions, even if you are keen to self-move. This way, by searching through some of the better reputable companies, you will gain an understanding of the size of transport and the number of helpers you should aim for. Removalist Seeker makes this quick and easy.
You can achieve this just by entering a rough guide here as to the level of items and type of property you’re intending on moving your contents to and from.
Therefore, when you do finally attempt moving day, you do it with as much help and guidance behind you, regardless of whether you go it alone or call in the experts.

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